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"Image" is the way other people see us. It influences how we feel, whether people will agree to our requests, hire us and pay us the salary we want.
Image consulting is becoming more and more in demand and acceptable, thanks in part, to the popularity of television shows such as What Not to Wear, Extreme Makeover, and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

When people dress badly observers remember the clothes.... wheras when people dress well they are remembered for themselves.

As an image consultant, I give people impartial advice that will help them achieve what they want - whether it is to get a new job, make a good impression, or simply to feel good about themselves. To help people look better, change their image or have a make-over I offer services such as:

Image Analysis or Makeover Consulting -
Providing feedback on the overall image you are currently projecting and helping you develop a new one.

Fashion Styling or Wardrobe Consulting -
Reviewing your current wardrobe to determine what should be discarded or purchased, coordinating outfits, and closet organizing.

Makeup Analysis -
I also consult on other specific aspects of physical appearance such as: Colours, Skin Care, Hairstyle, etc.

However, image is more than physical appearance. In addition to how someone looks, people also form impressions based on how that person talks and behaves.
As we all know, the first 30 seconds of any meeting make a lasting impression..........
TBC - Style and Image
TBC - Style and Image
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“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.
- Yves Saint-Laurent